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Movecho is committed to deliver innovative, sustainable, cost and time effective solutions to our clients ensuring the highest level of quality, reliability, and customer service. With a team of more than 200 skilled professionals we offer a comprehensive service that includes all stages from technical development to installation and after-sales support. On our 24,000 square meter facilities we combine the most advanced technological tools and manufacturing methods with the precision of expert craftsmanship. Investing in 4.0 is essential to providing the company with higher flexibility aiming for positive differentiation and competitiveness. At Movecho, we understand the unique requirements of bespoke projects and our experience and culture of innovation enhance our ability to adapt and deliver results. Our R&D department is constantly seeking new and improved processes, materials, and techniques to ensure that we can provide our clients with high-quality, tailored solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

06.1 Competências - Workflow

Project Management

We constantly monitor each project, from the interpretation of the design to the on-site assembly, and therefore guarantee the highest quality in every step of the process.

Value Engineering

At Movecho we employ a comprehensive value engineering approach that identifies and analyzes alternative materials, methods of production and assembly to minimize costs without sacrificing quality or functionality. Backed up by the latest technology such as SolidWorks and Alphacam software our technicians create solutions tailored to all our clients requirements in a collaborative work between all departments.

06.1 Competências - Workflow
06.1 Competências - Workflow

Research and Development

Our dedicated research team is committed to continuously exploring and developing innovative solutions for our customers. Their work ensures that our clients trust us to provide customized solutions to their unique challenges. Our research and development process involves identifying problems, analyzing data and trends, creating new solutions and developing new products.


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The prototype simulates the aesthetics and function of the object, so that the client can interact, assess, modify and approve the most striking features of the product before the final production starts. We create full-scale prototypes launching a continuous improvement process to meet the exact standards of quality and functionality set by our clients. Our iterative approach ensures that the final product exceeds our clients' expectations.

Our process includes the production, pre-assembly, quality control, and packaging. We meticulously ensure that all pieces meet our stringent quality standards before they are packaged. Movecho combines the talent of its highly skilled teams with advanced, cutting-edge technology: Horizontal storage system combined with saw and laser edge banding technology, CNC machines with 3 and 5-axis. Highlight also the 7-axis robot and a cell equipped with a hybrid robotic system which integrates subtractive and additive manufacturing technology - developed exclusively for Movecho, - 5-axis waterjet cutting machine, paint booths for different types of painting, including high-gloss.

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06.1 Competências - Workflow

Global Network of Suppliers

To create unique and innovative solutions, we rely on an international supplier network that meets the highest quality standards. Considered from different business sectors such as wood, metal, fabric or glass, our partners help us to provide flexible and quick responses to our clients.

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After Sales Service

Our partnership does not end with the on-site assembly. Movecho guarantees constant maintenance support. Our team is available to provide assistance and troubleshooting, so that our customers can have the best possible experience with their shopfitting solution.

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Logistics and Installation

In our logistics center, we coordinate all the shipping process, including a thorough analysis of the material to be dispatched. Our skilled and qualified teams provide technical support in each rollout and assembly worldwide.

06.2 Competências - Materiais


06.2 Competências - Materiais

At Movecho we strive to create memorable spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are specialized in combining various materials and finishes, such as solid wood, veneers, lacquered, melamine, metal, brass, marble, upholstery and glass. Our R&D department, supported by the latest technology, is dedicated to continuous investigation, reinventing materials and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

06.2 Competências - Materiais
06.2 Competências - Materiais
06.2 Competências - Materiais
06.2 Competências - Materiais

The main materials are:

Solid wood;

Solid surface materials;

MDF and chipboard;

Melamine, high-pressure laminate and natural veneer;

Stone and marble elements;

Glass and mirrors: laminated, curved, tempered, lacquered;

Metals: including steel, aluminum, iron, copper, brass, and bronze;

Plastic materials: such as plexiglass and polycarbonate;

Upholstery: fabrics, leather, and semi-leather;

Customizable lighting;



06.2 Competências - Materiais

Metal processing

06.2 Competências - Materiais

Solid wood processing

06.2 Competências - Materiais



Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable results and cost-effective production. Movecho’s ongoing pursuit of the latest and most efficient technologies and processes with investment in 4.0 projects is crucial in providing the company with increased flexibility and market responsiveness.

06.2 Competências - Materiais


We offer a full range of manufacturing services, including:

Veneer processing;

Solid wood processing;

High gloss;

Water-based varnish/paint;

Automated cutting;

Laser edge glueing;

CNC processing 3 and 5 axis;

Robotic arm (industrial robot);

Robotic cell with additive and subtractive technology;

Toughened, laminated and curved glass;

Laminated glass with colour film;

Laminated glass with fabric;

Lighting fixtures integration;

Metal processing;

Powder coating metal paint;

Polishing and brushing metal surface finishing;

Laser engraving;

Laser cutting;

Water jet cutting;


06.3 Competências - Processos


Polishing and brushing metal surface finishing

06.3 Competências - Processos

7 Axis Robot Fanuc

06.3 Competências - Processos


06.3 Competências - Processos

3D Printing Robot Kuka Machine

06.3 Competências - Processos

Laser Engraving

06.3 Competências - Processos

Robotic horizontal storage system

06.3 Competências - Processos

CNC 5 Axis

06.3 Competências - Processos

Laser edge banding machine

06.3 Competências - Processos

Thermoforming vacum press

06.3 Competências - Processos

3D Water jet cutting machine

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